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  • John

    I support common sense in politics, but I believe that common sense includes revealing who is bankrolling your project.  Please disclose your backers to show that you're not just politics as usual.



  • Stanley

    It is critical that ensuring funding for both Social Security Retirement and Medicare Part A be among the items in the Commonsense Policy agenda. The Social Security Administration projects that the trust funds for these programs will be exhausted by 2034 and 2037, respectively, if nothing is done to rebalance payments with new payroll contributions. Once the trust funds are exhausted, total payments will be mandatorily reduced to total current payroll contributions, which amounts to a cut of 20% in the monthly checks. The most recent rebalancing was performed in 1983 and simply cannot be delayed any longer. The situation is very much like deflecting a meteor headed for earth -- the longer you wait, the more energy is required to prevent a collision. There is NO MORE PRESSING ISSUE facing our divided government than this one.

  • Jaime

    What's the best way for a less technologically inclined person to get involved?

  • Sidny

    I was taken aback by the stident anti-Trump comments in the last No Labels email I looked at.  I thought No Labels was more about offering alternatives, not bashing Republicans.