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  • DmanOhio44
    last Saturday

    I've been a swing voter my whole life.  There is no direction left to swing these days.  I am looking for elected officials to be LEADERS.  Not DIVIDERS.  I am desperately looking for elected officials we can look up to and who genuinely care about the well being of our country. 

    This movement is inspiring and hopeful. 

    There is one elected official I madly respect.   His name is Sean Brennan, a Democrat in the Ohio House and the Representative for my district.  His bipartisan views and messages of unity gives me hope.  

    We are all in this together and should never forget that!




  • Haughwout

    Because the ruling party tried to block No Labels in Arizona got me motivated to join, and to register as a NL voter.   Planning to run for office in Northern Arizona.

    Mark Haughwout

  • Red_Rook

    I ended up here after seeing some news stories mentioning No Labels.
    I have been registered independant most of my adult life. I recently registered Republican becuase I now live in Utah and if you want to be involved politically, the Republican party is the only ticket.
    I do believe in many of the principles the Republican party says they endorse but, like many people here, I am tired of the party having all the power and the people voting out of fear.
    I love this country and the promises of liberty put forth in our founding documents. I am willing to put country before party any day.
    Not sure yet about No Labels but interested in seeing what can happen.

  • ZachLJacobs

    Hi all, I've been involved in politics for a decade. Through college, I was heavily involved in bringing student issues to the state capital before any of the politicians who would listen. 
    I'm a political junky and have my only preset to politics while I drive. 
    im extremely disenfranchised by the sheer amount of extremism on BOTH sides of the aisle. No one is doing anything to come together and nothing is getting done. If one party doesn't have the presidency and house, we just sit until the next time it happens. 
    I live in Utah and it's very much on display here. If you're not republican, move to another state. I just want to promote compromise. It should have been that way from the beginning. We've always been taught that you don't always get your way. But we can start with common ground and go from there. I win some. You win some. And we both lose a little. I'm so sad it doesn't work that way. Can we not have any centrists anymore? True centrists? 

  • KQuiz

    As a child in the early 60's everyone was terrified that were going to be attacked by Russia. I remember the Cuban Missle Crisis (Google it) and how close we were to nuclear destruction. President Kennedy steered us through that crisis and we need leaders today that can begin to apply common sense in government. For too long we have turned a blind eye to Washington!  We must as a people follow the advice of Edmund Burke who said, 

    "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”


    I call on decent, common sense Americans to band together and elect the next president. 

  • ZachLJacobs

    A perfect example of our flailing government is that Speaker McCarthy is sending the House home with no stopgap to avert a shutdown next Friday. Sure, that's pretty bad. But who is reporting on the Democrats? What are they doing, if anything, other than talking about how bad the Republicans are with all of their hardliners and infighting? The SINGLE job of the House is control of the purse and when was the last time that actually happened? Everyone is incapable of compromise!!!! I will never understand. AND they always wait until the very last second and we end up right here every 3 months. It's disgusting and frustrating. 

  • James Boyd

    I tell folks what is on my mind. Our current pathway is not good.

    The only candidate I can see and feel comfortable backing is Robert F Kennedy Jr. 

    He has the vision needed to bring our country to peace and stability. It will take all of us to help bring love truth charity compassion strength and peace back to the America we all enjoyed just 20 years ago.

    Our America is eroding due to love of control power and money more important that life. We can elect the right person and in my opinion that is

    Robert F Kennedy Jr 

  • Gin

    I just heard about you via wood TV 8 News. In 2016 I joined the libertarian party. And in 2023 I left due to issues here in the state of Michigan.

    I love your name, no label.

    What kind of world are we living and leaving.


    I'm just an old hippie trying to change the world